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  1. Fear Not

    Fear Not

    • Our most popular music CD
    • 19 soothing songs that bring peace to a troubled heart and rest at the end of a stressful day
    • A source of inner strength
    • All of the lyrics are directly from the Bible
    • Includes booklet with lyrics of the songs
  2. The Wild Wind

    The Wild Wind

    • 16 songs that express a passionate gratitude to God
    • Upbeat, lively, enjoyable listening
    • Listen and sing along as a creative way to express prayers of thankfulness
    • Lyrics taken almost entirely from the Bible
  3. Wings of Prayer

    Wings of Prayer

    • A collection of 14 soothing and heart-warming songs
    • Heartfelt expressions of prayer
    • A useful aid for powerful personal prayer
    • Lyrics taken almost entirely straight from the Bible
  4. Blessed Assurance

    Blessed Assurance

    • A collection of time-honored hymns and original songs
    • Makes for a a great addition to times of reflection and prayer
    • Includes booklet with lyrics of the songs
  5. Famine for Love

    Famine for Love

    • 12 songs expressing the heart cry of a generation seeking for love and fulfilment, and giving hope that there are answers and solutions
  6. Ever So Close

    Ever So Close

    • 10 inspirational and meditative songs
    • Unique expressions of love and gratefulness to God
  7. Intoxicated


    • In a fresh, intimate, and upbeat style, youthful musical artists express their love for their Creator
    • 11 original songs
    • The greatest love story of all time continues

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